Aceso's secluded and private estate is surrounded by natural woodlands and safely nestled in the heart of the Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. While located within just an hour's drive of four metropolitan areas that offer cultural and educational opportunities, Native American tribes once lived and thrived on this same land. Timeless is this ancient and spiritual place which offers peace, tranquility, and healing to those in need. 

 Unlike the highly structured environment of residential treatment, you will enjoy the safety and freedom of our progressive adult community. Your individualized Personal Action Plan (PAP) is developed and frequently updated to provide autonomy throughout the journey. Phase progression is determined by your ability to balance healthy relationships and positive decision making with increased levels of independence. Living accommodations vary as you move through each phase. Our main lodge, bunk house, semi-private, and private dorms provide the appropriate levels of guidance, structure, and space to support your ongoing success.




We believe that true and lasting change requires knowing how to live in the moment. With that in mind, we incorporate the perfect balance of personal development, work and fun in the community's routine. Mornings begin with personal responsibilities, breakfast, and then a quick group gratitude session before we split into small peer groups. Group day schedules vary to  accommodate individual or group therapy, academics, life skills and career coaching, fitness, and service work. Evenings offer time for personal development, individual or peer study groups, recovery step meetings, and community activities.


 Aceso is an extremely active community with a variety of onsite activities that we enjoy together. The majority of our time is spent outdoors, inviting nature to teach and remind us to love and appreciate all living things. 

  Whether your passion is astronomy, sports, music, art, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, cooking, photography, or just singing songs around the campfire, you will find it here. Coming together as a community allows us to build relationships, strengthens our sense of purpose and the true value of living a life you can love.

Developing a fulfilling lifestyle includes finding activities to occupy "down-time" that provide positive exposure to others in healthy social settings. We promote active lifestyle development by enjoying various off-site excursions where you have the opportunity to discover and experience new things. There's always something great on the excursion calendar for you to choose from; service trips, city tours, dinner, movies, theater, ballet, hiking, skiing, white-water rafting, golfing, concerts, museum tours, amusement parks, you name it...

If it's healthy and exciting, we are in!!