Sober Living Network

The Sober Living Network is Saving Lives.

Staying sober is impossible when you are trapped in a problematic environment. Even the most strong-willed of individuals will eventually succumb to the pressures of the environment, so long as they don't seek out a better alternative. The Sober Living Network is a network of support for people who need housing and community while dealing with their rehabilitation from drugs. The Sober Living network has sober housing clusters throughout the United States.

In order to make sure that you stay on the straight and narrow, you should consider applying for living accommodations at one of these low-cost recovery facilities. Whether you are a recovering veteran or at the very beginning of your substance abuse recovery, being in a sober living environment can dramatically impact the viability of your recovery process.

The Sober Living Network was founded in 1995. Since then, The Network has become one of the largest rehab assistance communities in the United States.